Safe as houses. Easy as pie.

MediaSilo empowers storytellers everywhere to collaborate and present in the way that works best for them. Our robust platform handles encoding and playback, review and approval, and media management with aplomb, combining enterprise-level security and on-demand watermarking with elegant usability.

The industry standard in video sharing and collaboration

  • Simple, secure sharing
    Send video that can be quickly and reliably viewed by execs, with safety features to please any IT team.
  • Flexible permissions
    Control who views each video — make it public, add a password, limit to certain members of your team, or lock it down with multi-factor authentication. Plus turnkey ability to revise and expire links.
  • Audience analytics
    See who has received and viewed your video, as well as when and where it was viewed.

The ultimate deterrent to leaks

  • Watermark on-demand
    Pre-release content on the fly with our real-time watermarking technology. Whether your video is two minutes or two hours long, within 20 seconds of playback, we’ll insert a personalized, customizable watermark specific to the person viewing the video.
  • Control costs
    Most press screeners are watched by only 20-30% of your audience. Pay only to send content to your engaged audience, instead of your entire potential pool of reviewers.
  • Reflect your branding
    Create a branded, custom screening room for any need, on a tight turnaround. Admins can set up templates that meet your specific guidelines for ideal placement and type of watermark. Learn more

Simple, elegant review, wherever you are

  • Real-time Feed
    With MediaSilo GO, our new app, get all of your QuickLinks in one place. With easy access to previews of all videos waiting for your input, every cut is right at your fingertips. Reviewing and approving content is made easy.
  • Offline Viewing
    When you're on the go, out of range or otherwise untethered, you can still be productive. Download videos to watch later, with or without a connection.
  • Never Lose Track
    Bookmark priority clips so you can get back to them at any time. Keep track of your videos based on who sent them and what's in them, rather than when they were sent. Learn more

Present your content beautifully

  • Custom presentations
    Showcase your video beautifully while maintaining your branding or that of your client.
  • Flexible, mobile-friendly layouts
    Put a board room-worthy presentation together in minutes. Get help from our experts, or polish designs yourself through our powerful CSS editor.
  • Dynamic updates
    QuickSites update automatically based on the assets place in your specified project.
Why MediaSilo?


Review and Approval
Make it easy for distributed teams to collaborate with robust and easy-to-use commenting, rating and approval features. See who’s viewed your content, when.
Easy Upload
Upload any video, in any format, and we’ll make sure it plays back flawlessly on any device.
Seamless Playback
Whether you’re on a corporate network or in a coffee shop, MediaSilo detects your bandwidth and optimizes playback.
User Management
Manage large teams easily by delegating roles and managing project-level permissions.
Discover your assets
As your library of video, images, audio files and documents grows exponentially, find what you’re looking for through tags and searchable metadata.
Gold standard security
We’re aligned with MPAA guidelines and have passed the extensive security audits of many major media companies.
Integrates with just about everything
MediaSilo integrates with most hosting, productivity and storage solutions you might already be working with, adapting to your existing workflows and freeing you up to tell your story. Connect MediaSilo to over 400 different apps, including Slack, Basecamp, Box, and many more.
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