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The future of video couldn't be brighter. We want to make it better.
The year MediaSilo was started as a pet-project for a Boston-based production company.
Number of videos viewed through MediaSilo in the last 12 months.
The media landscape has changed significantly over the last five years. File-based workflows and the proliferation of content driven by cheaper capture devices, the growth of social media, and a media-hungry millennial audience have opened new opportunities for video creators, and the brands they serve. These opportunities bring new challenges and responsibilities, chief among them the need to securely manage the never ending onslaught of files, metadata, and ever shorter time frames for turning around a final cut.
What’s Next?
We firmly believe that the explosive growth of video will continue unabated, and that in this changing landscape, every company is by definition a media company. That’s why we’ll continue to take our experience in providing enterprise-level security, frictionless file sharing, and customizable presentation environments to major media companies and translate it into new ways to organize, monetize and socialize video, for everyone who works with video. We want to fit into your existing workflows, with the tools you’re already using, and maybe even help you eliminate some steps, costs, manhours and frustration along the way.

Our Story

In 2008, MediaSilo started as a pet project for a Boston-based production company. A simple video testimonial assignment for a local bank went sideways when it took six weeks of sending DVDs back and forth in order to get client approval. The company’s developers knew there had to be a better way to streamline video file sharing, and set out to solve a few core workflow problems. They shared their homegrown toolset, and were overwhelmed by the response. Over the years, MediaSilo has grown to support over 60,000 media creators around the globe and our platform has grown from a few features to a comprehensive video platform, supporting new workflows, use cases and points of integration.

The MediaSilo of today is still deeply rooted in the pursuit of providing a simple, secure, and seamless solution for sharing media. Our team of production and software professionals has grown, but we remain fiercely unbiased and independent. We have no agenda other than to provide the best user experience for sharing video and are driven by the desire to make content creation and approval safer, simpler and more fun.
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“The software we build helps the world's most exciting and innovative storytellers get their visions to the screen (whether at the theater or on your phone). How cool is that?!”
- Matt Thomas, Head of Sales
“MediaSilo seems more like a family than a workplace. Your opinion is valued here whether you are an entry-level sales person or a very senior software developer.”
- Sam Cook, Business Development Representative
“Working at MediaSilo is like driving on the Autobahn.”
- Marcus Demmon, Customer Success Manager